DMG Constitution


The aims and objectives of the East D&G Deer Management Group will be to:

Work in partnership with other groups, forestry organisations, land owners, public authorities and members of the public to better manage deer populations, monitor them, promote training and education while seeking to engage a positive public interest.

By way of practice, offer a high standard of professional services relating to deer management to reduce damage and the potential risks to crops, habitat and public safety in all including sensitive areas of the East of Dumfries and Galloway for those parties, organisations and individuals who will utilise our services.

Be open and transparent in our organisations purpose while promoting our services to build strong working relationships with those who will benefit from such co-operation.

Ensure high standards that adhere to current legislation and industry best practice are maintained by our members which are also promoted locally through events that raise standards and encourage Continued Professional Development in our catchment area. 

Offer and confirm that all members have valid current industry standard liability insurance to £10m with legal representation which may be though the membership and support of more than one organisation.

Work without our territory in good faith and when at our boundaries co-operate with other DMG's to ensure the wider interests of local stakeholders do not come into conflict.

Becoming a Member of the East D&G DMG

To become a standard member of the group you must live or stalk within 10km of our groups territory although you can still be an affiliate member outside of the group's area. The groups area extends from the coast at Dalbeattie to Castle Douglas using road boundaries, then to Dumfries up to Thornhill and across to Elvanfoot before following the M74 to Gretna. 

The group has adult, senior, affiliate and junior members but also welcomes 'Agents' who wish to become members who are people who own or have the authority over land to manage deer within the group area.

To become a full member of the group a member must either live or have deer stalking grounds within 10 kilometres of the group boundaries and would be required to provide current insurance details. Application forms would have to be completed by all who wish to be a member but for members under 16 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the application.

The group will at any time accept affiliated members who may be attached to the group in regards to training, demonstrations or other areas of support. These members would fulfil the same criteria as full members but do not have the right to vote. Affiliate members are also members who do not live within the range of the group but may manage deer in the group area.

Application forms can be downloaded or requested by email and should be submitted with the appropriate membership fee. The categories of members are:

Full members
Junior members
Senior members
Affiliated members

Training and CPD
It will be the aim of the group to encourage Continued Professional Development through training and best practice related events. Group members will be encouraged to pursue current industry standard qualifications to include Deer Stalking Certificates Level 1 & 2, First Aid at Work, Manual Handling and ATV certification. Where possible the group will seek to arrange and organise training in such areas.

Membership fees
Membership fees will be set annually and agreed by the Management Committee or determined at the Annual General Meeting and membership fees will be paid by annual subscription.

Committee of the Group
The committee of the group will include the:
Committee members will serve a term of up to three years before standing for re-election at the AGM although may stand down at any time allowing for a temporary appointment to their position. New candidates standing for election must register their intent to stand at least one month before.  A committee member may hold joint titles.

The group will be managed through the Committee and selected senior members and only these appointed representatives of the group will have the right to vote at meetings of the management Committee. For a vote to take place, two committee members and three senior members must be present or more.
The management committee will remain responsible for:
Group business meetings
Working in partnership with other organisations, bodies or individuals
Issues relating to group finances
Discipline, grievances and action where necessary to resolve issue
Other matters

Finance and group monies
All group monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the group and only the Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman will be responsible for the finances of the group with any issued cheques requiring two of their signatures.
The financial year of the group will end on:- Mar 31st and a statement of annual accounts will be presented by the Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting

The group will have meetings at least every six months. The secretary will keep a record of all meetings with a copy being made available to any member upon request
Annual General Meetings
The AGM will be timetabled by the group Secretary with notice being give not less than one calendar month before the intended date to members.
Nominations for new Committee members will be sent to the Secretary at least one month prior to the AGM.
Elections of the committee is to take place at the AGM.
All members (excluding affiliated ) have the right to vote at the AGM.

Discipline and appeals
All issues including concerns, allegations of any nature or reports of illegal acts will be recorded and responded to swiftly and appropriately in accordance with written policy. Where the issue relates to a member of the group, the committee will conduct a hearing within 14 days but may delay this to conduct an investigation or wait for third party reports.  The Committee will meet to hear complaints within 7 days where a serious complaint has been made. The committee has the power to take appropriate disciplinary action including suspension,  the termination of membership and initiate legal proceedings should it be necessary to protect or seek compensation on behalf of the group. Issues relating to criminal acts will be passed to Police Scotland and action may be necessary pending an investigation.
The outcome of hearings relating to complaints, disciplinary proceeding or other serious issues will be put in writing and presented to the member(s) or parties against whom the complaint was made within thirty days of the hearing.
There will be the right of appeal to the decision of the Committee following judgements made against members or other parties and the committee will consider the appeal within seven days of the Secretary receiving the appeal.

Interaction with statutory bodies
SNH, forestry companies and Local Authority with other groups to be invited to meetings
The group will supply SNH with annual cull records per location.

Should the situation arise where it may be necessary to dissolve the group, this can only take place with a  majority vote of the membership. On dissolution, any assets of the group that remain will become the property of the members and distributed equally or sold to allow for fair distribution

Amendments to the constitution
The constitution will only be changed through agreement by majority vote at an AGM, EGM or other meeting where not less than one half of the membership is present.

Declaration and Disclaimer
East D&G DMG will abide by this constitution in good faith as a guide for the conduct of members and committee.  While it is the aim of constitution to allow for the group to operate in a businesslike manner holding high standards across its practices, the group will not be held liable for claims or grievances against individual members of the group but would investigate and take action where appropriate to deal with such incidences.

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